On this episode guests share how the coronavirus is impacting their lives, we discuss the impact of virtual education, independent news, and the latest entertainment FYC.

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ODJ Radio EP17: Iso Ball



the present is the future’s past

Snapshots & moments misremembering memories photos & videos best preserve firsts (dances) & last (stances)


the death of another icon

for hours I cried off & on

laughing at myself

mourning someone I never met

yet will never forget


the trite saying(s)

a first for everything / everything for a reason

never settling / relentlessness

the Mamba Mentality each one teaching one furthuring our collective better

A mission in perpetuity

The Marathon Continues forever.

Seeing you consistently amidst foliage and rummage

burst mode photos for the collection

thank you for letting me observe you at breakfast

carrots & lettuce on me for a future connection
sunrise-timed alarm clocks

early morning greetings

the air filled with dog breath and exaggerated yawning

times I don’t see you noted in my memory fawning non-verbal instances

curiosity and simple happiness

a moment such as this gets added to nature’s inspirational playlist.

Brown Rabbit

What does it mean to be a true Independent? Is it the idea of not being swayed easily? Is it the idea of averaging below expected social norms? Is it an Ideal that lives and breathes like you? Is it a practical practice? Is it your Ideas over your life? Is it living free of goaded guilt & strife? Is it speaking hurtful truths? Is it 32 flavors of kindness / pg-13 / Baby-Ruth flavor, cream treats for the youth?

Is it

above all else / embody all the above.

Is it

worth it / a flaw / you’re (im)perfect?

Independent Bod(ies)

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Independent Bod(ies)