Calm river waters /

move at no man’s pace /

how soon they forget /

“la tortuga” wins the race.

Waiting on… clarity…
The moment where I reflect & say, “I knew at that instant, the piece would change life for the better.”

This supercilious love affair will last forever…
Observing reality and bouts of pure triviality that stem from being humans chained to gadgetry…
Vice city lifestyle aspirations, hoping to hit the lotto & economically shift our station…

We ebb & we flow…
ups & downs are all we know.

So I have written/ write/ am writing

reverent pieces for before&after death…

wishing my last breath, was drawn in some 

other century’s breadth.

Dear poetry,

For a minute I had lost my way.

I had placed you on a shelf and 

you just asked por que?


We’ve been together since I was a young boy,

inseparable like conjoined twins

you give me so much joy…


As cliché as it seems I’m back. Not necessarily better than ever, but inside of me there’s a new light and you’re the reason I beam.


The spiteful “I” was glad that while I was gone nobody came alone and managed to get in between you and I by damaging what we both know and feel is so strong.


For that I’m grateful.


But I won’t lie I would’ve been mad if someone had exerted dominance over you like an over-bearing stepdad.


I’m such a hypocrite.


Toss you aside while new acquaintances occupy my present mind, but if you ever chose to leave me I’d get defensive with my pride.


It’s not that I don’t think of you.


If I ever had to prove to you that I love you I’d never deny it.

Shit I relish at the opportunity for you to see the antagonism that’s been berating me, ailing me, keeping my thoughts from fleeting to thee, mentally impaling me.


But I know it’s just excuses.


So to put it short, I’m here for you my dear. 


I’m re-opening myself to you in an attempt to make it clear that if you ever feel forsaken I’ll be the first to shed a tear.

If you ever feel deserted then you can damn sure be for certain that I’ll recapture that magic and reveal you behind the curtain.


Afterall, I’m here to stay.


For a minute I had lost my way.

I had placed you on a shelf and 

you just asked por que?


We’ve been together since I was a young boy,

inseparable like conjoined twins

you give me so much joy…

It was a Tuesday.
That was the day you didn’t come back and I came after you. 

We were the space between wrong and right.

We were the shade of grey in the sunset seen by few eyes.

Being melted into a single entity put you and I on one rhythmic accord.

Of course you used to fight it and scream and complain that you’d call the cops, but I knew all along what your heart was saying.

We were the blade that cut too deep.

We were the deadliest piranhas.

Fear was just a mere unfeasible condition. Yet, in that same microcosm, we were just a small candy.

An efficiently power punching proportion treat that was trimmed too soon and treated with disregard.

That cliff opened its arms for us. Or rather for you; ladies first of course.

This cliff is where we lived to come as kids.

This is where you died.

Remember that?

Do you remember that day we first realized we were meant to be?

I don’t remember it either.

It was before N.Y., before Cairo, before Cape Town. 

You said we’d die together.

I remember seeing a tv special about how to roll out of a moving vehicle.

It worked just like they said it would.

The way that car went flying over the cliff’s edge with you in it just took my breath away.
You should have seen yourself. 

As the world turns, bridges burn; there’s a collection of ashes in an urn, for a point of reflection, not return. No greener pastures, just judgements & controllers; halfway off the balcony debating on whether or not it should all be over…
I love the family. Their strength energizes, provides me with positivity I’d otherwise be blind to see. So I won’t jump or fall free; there’s more to be done still: My life, this strife – is bigger than me.

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