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What does it mean to be a true Independent? Is it the idea of not being swayed easily? Is it the idea of averaging below expected social norms? Is it an Ideal that lives and breathes like you? Is it a practical practice? Is it your Ideas over your life? Is it living free of goaded guilt & strife? Is it speaking hurtful truths? Is it 32 flavors of kindness / pg-13 / Baby-Ruth flavor, cream treats for the youth?

Is it

above all else / embody all the above.

Is it

worth it / a flaw / you’re (im)perfect?

Independent Bod(ies)

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(Inspired by “Do Not Disturb” x Drake)

I feel Life is curving me…

seeing it all unfold

happenstance building uncertainty.

Only thing I’m leaning on

is my bloodline for surgery.

Equipped with the verbal whip

painting all pictures purposefully

can’t remember the last time

I needed something I couldn’t

provide for me.

Needing nothing more

than mental down time

Instead progressing towards

bigger stressors & old(er) age like fine wine.

I was broke but was just as happy

waking & grinding daily

trying to clear the decks & debts

while moving into ownership

My plans busted like Sonic coins

I work with kids, but no fruit from my loin.

I’m off that & onto this; feeling reborn.

be happy but only to a limit

live how you want

but only if they govern how & who is in it.

the life paths that brought you together,

were pieces of a bigger whole


hold up:

Don’t get carried away like the wind with bird feathers.

They recognize what brought you here

but question future You and your energy (inner G) for the “next level.”

Good thing I never pray for mans approval or help to make me better.

PSA: “Be careful with me.”

I / You / We

recognize / appreciate

predecessors / ancestors

Their souls carry

gravitational impact




motivation / mojo

you feel intrinsically / spiritually

ahora / instantly.

When we pick people

apart / to pieces


exercise / demonstrate

poor proclivities.

Companionship doesn’t always mitigate loneliness. Loneliness truly dissipates when you find comfort & pleasure in your own company.

As the saying goes, “If you think you’re lonely now…”

The night’s stillness sings the sweetest melodies.

Can’t win for losing

behavior not unusual

anything less perfect

now your actions are worthless

forgetting beneath the surface

is the person

forever certain

that anything pertinent

wouldn’t be adverted.

That would be a disservice.


Being honest on purpose

have you feeling like you

deserve this.


Dear poetry,

For a minute I had lost my way.

I had placed you on a shelf and

you just asked por que?

We’ve been together since I was a young boy,

inseparable like conjoined twins

you give me so much joy…

As cliché as it seems I’m back. Not necessarily better than ever, but inside of me there’s a new light and you’re the reason I beam.

The spiteful “I” was glad that while I was gone nobody came alone and managed to get in between you and I by damaging what we both know and feel is so strong.

For that I’m grateful.

But I won’t lie I would’ve been mad if someone had exerted dominance over you like an over-bearing stepdad.

I’m such a hypocrite.

Toss you aside while new acquaintances occupy my present mind, but if you ever chose to leave me I’d get defensive with my pride.

It’s not that I don’t think of you.

If I ever had to prove to you that I love you I’d never deny it.

Shit I relish at the opportunity for you to see the antagonism that’s been berating me, ailing me, keeping my thoughts from fleeting to thee, mentally impaling me.

But I know it’s just excuses.

So to put it short, I’m here for you my dear.

I’m re-opening myself to you in an attempt to make it clear that if you ever feel forsaken I’ll be the first to shed a tear.

If you ever feel deserted then you can damn sure be for certain that I’ll recapture that magic and reveal you behind the curtain.

Afterall, I’m here to stay.

For a minute I had lost my way.

I had placed you on a shelf and

you just asked por que?

We’ve been together since I was a young boy,

inseparable like conjoined twins

you give me so much joy…


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