Love your Life

The keys to success may sometimes seem convoluted, but the keys to happiness are not. Oddly enough, establishing and understanding the latter can often bring you the former. You see what I did there?

I guess as my first post I just wanted to get something off my mind.

Delving deeper into it, I would say being happy starts internally. Every action you do or do not take will have a level of impact of either micro, macro, or sometimes even both proportions. A factor that I see plaguing many of our youth and young adults is comparability. Always worried about what the next man/woman is doing and how they perceive you and your business. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! As unpopular as you may think it sounds, you are never on other people’s minds as much as your subconscious tell you that you are.

Psychology studies show that this narcissistic mentality can be linked to bullying, job performance, and self-esteem issues. The irony in self-esteem issues is that it starts with self. The value you place on the world around should start with terms you set for yourself.  Do what makes you happy and hang around people who respect your individuality.  Do not conform to other’s standards. Make them respect you for who and what you are; unique.


Love your life and love yourself. You define your happiness.


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