The F Word



Forgive them for they know not what they do…
Easier said than done, of course, absolutely, honestly — if I ask myself to be honest ya see — I am reminiscent of instances in which I did the contrary.
So forgive me.
Forgive again because regardless of whether you believe it or not, clasping onto a grudge is a sin, but behold: I perceive that this leniency is harder for me to give than receive. Conscious of double standards, I erase the standards with which I no longer stand on or stand for. I do not clasp vengeance. That feeling does not entice me anymore.
So I forgive them.
Forgive even more for the transgressions of all proportions and assortments – free your spiritual mind and stop the mental contortions from twisting and distorting.
Exercise control.
Relinquish what conquers you my friend.
The process of forgiving must start from within.
So forgive again.


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