The Succinct Pursuit


Pursue the truth at its finest.
Pursue it for what you know to be true, what defines how you feel.
Pursue not it’s relativity in regards to others:
Pursue what your heart tells you…
In this sense: In this world, everyone strives to be so different without realizing contradictory actions just make you the same.
Instead, pursue the ideal of knowing oneself because that is the way to be unique.
After all, there is only one you.
Pursue your own thoughts.
Let not these words be the motivation to discover what should be uncovered.
Let the want & the desire to better know the real you forge a passion unmatched by anything else.
The pursuit will not always be met with open arms:
Opposition is a must for change to occur.
Without struggle, there is nothing to challenge or push someone to become better.
Mediocrity is a disease that cripples the mind!
The mind is a tool, a catalyst, that makes impossible possible.
Pursue nothing but the passions of the heart
The chase for the light will lead you out of the dark.


Tears & Facial Precipitation — Truth in Action Revisited

Lord knows I hate to see her cry.
I hate that look on her face, that look in her eye…
as it wells up, swells up,
and if I’m the purpose then I deserve it when she yells shut the hell up.
As the tear drops from her eye, I remember when I said that “we would never see forever, that we just strive to make it better…”
It pushes me to act, wrap her up in my love like a sweater
Everything is okay — that’s what this action tells her.
Trying to transition from the worse to sunny weather so I put this pen to pad and wrote with my heart a letter.
It is reassurance.
Unlike my emotional consistency to care, it has endurance like a good tire.
Life is a cycle filled with multiple forms of rivals, but we must tower above all and absorb an entire eye-full.
I had wandered away…
I’m thinking of all this as that drop drips from her face
It’s such a waste.
But with time there is never any rewind so I must hasten to make amends, no time to get further behind
so I tell her that I love her (me at my truest) I always mean it.
I know this is what she’s looking for so I guess it’s also convenient.

Cloudy with a Chance of Depression

Everyday isn’t sunshine.

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Plop plop plop…

Too bad sometimes I wish that I were dead

Drop drop drop…

No sunshine can erase what I said

No no no…

I was crying & now my eyes are red

Drip drip drip…

It will all be worth it – this they said

Yes yes yes…

But all it’s doing is messing with my head

The pain the pain the pain…

I wish I could go back to the days

Back back back…

When all things were innocent in a way

Yes yes yes…

Unfortunately there is no time machine

No no no…

So I’ll just fade away until the good Lord intervenes

Wait wait wait…

For the Occasion


This is some perspective I found to be enlightening. Too often we have the best of intentions, but display it poorly. More can be understood from listening, reflecting, and thinking outside of our own wants. Learn to appreciate, not suffocate.

Only Thing Missing is You

Time traveling back, back…

Oh the things we wish we could undue…

 Time traveling back, back…

The only thing missing is you…

Best of memories

Transformed through vivid imagery

The type that flood your conscious, but never do leave you haunted

While you lay there, just dreaming, in the dead still of the night

Wishing and wondering, is it possible, to bring these dreams into life?


Sometimes its wishful thinking that you wish was reenactment.


How do you describe someone who’s never a past memory?

Someone who’s always revolving around your mind, always on your cerebral vicinity.

You like how she handles business but yet and still keeps it real

Since way back in our younger days you could see that she was trill.


She was just right for you.


Some people only come in your life for a season.

While others are seasoned with such qualities that makes not having them in your life something devoid of reason.

It’d be treason to betray your senses.

You hold on to every encounter, just trying to condense it.


These are the memories and feelings I have that make it impossible

To not have you in some faction, is simply illogical.

That won’t do.


The piece of the puzzle that made all the others fall into place.

The silhouette of this beautiful figure has such a distinguishable face.

It’s yours.


Time traveling back, back…

Oh the things we wish we could undue…


Time traveling back, back…

The only thing missing is you…

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