Tears & Facial Precipitation — Truth in Action Revisited

Lord knows I hate to see her cry.
I hate that look on her face, that look in her eye…
as it wells up, swells up,
and if I’m the purpose then I deserve it when she yells shut the hell up.
As the tear drops from her eye, I remember when I said that “we would never see forever, that we just strive to make it better…”
It pushes me to act, wrap her up in my love like a sweater
Everything is okay — that’s what this action tells her.
Trying to transition from the worse to sunny weather so I put this pen to pad and wrote with my heart a letter.
It is reassurance.
Unlike my emotional consistency to care, it has endurance like a good tire.
Life is a cycle filled with multiple forms of rivals, but we must tower above all and absorb an entire eye-full.
I had wandered away…
I’m thinking of all this as that drop drips from her face
It’s such a waste.
But with time there is never any rewind so I must hasten to make amends, no time to get further behind
so I tell her that I love her (me at my truest) I always mean it.
I know this is what she’s looking for so I guess it’s also convenient.


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