The Succinct Pursuit


Pursue the truth at its finest.
Pursue it for what you know to be true, what defines how you feel.
Pursue not it’s relativity in regards to others:
Pursue what your heart tells you…
In this sense: In this world, everyone strives to be so different without realizing contradictory actions just make you the same.
Instead, pursue the ideal of knowing oneself because that is the way to be unique.
After all, there is only one you.
Pursue your own thoughts.
Let not these words be the motivation to discover what should be uncovered.
Let the want & the desire to better know the real you forge a passion unmatched by anything else.
The pursuit will not always be met with open arms:
Opposition is a must for change to occur.
Without struggle, there is nothing to challenge or push someone to become better.
Mediocrity is a disease that cripples the mind!
The mind is a tool, a catalyst, that makes impossible possible.
Pursue nothing but the passions of the heart
The chase for the light will lead you out of the dark.


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