The Dream Channel

I have a dream.

That all the people that I know and love are gonna make it

We strive for success knowing that no one can take it

From us, born on a solid faith and no one can shake it

With noses for sniffing out the gold & no people can break it

I have a dream.

That one day we’ll all look back to reminisce on where we came from

And draw strength from within like a 10- gallon water drum

You cannot run, as the devil is sure to come

He’ll catch you if you’re on the bottom or if you’re number one.

But you can pray.

I have a dream.

I hurt anytime someone I know is feeling down

Because we’re blessed to see each day, that’s reason not to frown.

Don’t be stingy, if you have a gift share it with the world

Think back to days when you were just a young boy or girl

With your dreams of being famous nothing could stop you, no peril

no plight, the biggest fear was the dark, solution was the night light.

The good ole days.

Mama used to remind you to always say your prayers

And we did, whenever told, everything else was a trivial affair

And we went about our days without a care, why shouldn’t we

When the goals at the time were only for some milk and a cookie.

That was the dream.

To see things I could’ve never foreseen

Anything else was just an obstacle that I got between

On my way to bigger things, passion fueled by no gasoline.

Yeah I know you remember, from early January all the way to late December

I put everything I have in and flip the switch on the blender.

I figured why not.

I have a dream.

Of living in a world full of peace and joy on people’s faces

Their happiness is so obvious that we could trace it

No ill will against another, no one wants to showcase it

Let’s just face it, irreplaceable past means that you can’t erase it

Your best chances are to move on and gone face it.

I have a dream.

I have a vision, just sit and listen…

To devour all opposition with my pen and poetic coalition

This is my rendition, successful black man on a mission

To change the face of everything I touch and provide what’s missing-

The truth.

The truth is in existence, unmovable forces won’t ever change its position.

Dream on.



Assume nothing.
Question everything.

One to the Heart

My levels haven’t been up to the consistency to consistently keep me with inner peace. I’m fighting demons. Some of them are mental; my own subconscious feeding me negative thoughts that prevent me from getting the calm my soul desires. I wish for this turbulence to cease. It feels like a slow roasting fire devouring all your sentiments while you gaze along incapable of rising a finger. The smell of burnt ideals still linger. The self loathing seeps in unannounced and unwanted. My soul is haunted. Ghost appear in every shadow; the prime position being in my peripheral vision. It is here where they appear so very near. I’m not sure what to do. No one is helping me in the fashion required to alleviate this awful faction and return me to a peaceful existence. Where are the other resistors for this resistance? All my thoughts are scrambled like unborn chickens. One bad thought after another is what my cerebellum is picking. It’s depressing and I know it, but this current disposition has pieces of me missing.

The Dentist

The anxiety builds

I am nervous

This is a rare moment in which I feel my heart beat.

I had presumed that my mental preparation was complete.

Yet I search and find few remnants of confidence within me.

It has been awhile since I’ve experienced this fear

Will I ever feel comfortable during my stay?

Verily I say unto thee: Nay.

Facetious smiles and meaningless conversation

I am quite cognizant of the airs you display.

Will these unsubtle attempts to woe me disperse my fear?

Verily I say unto thee: Nay.

This is a pre-arranged intrusion upon the zone in which I have comfort.

Yet it is I who have chosen this discourse.

Do I betray my own sensibilities?

Verily I say unto thee: Aye.

I feel my brow moisten as the seconds go by.

I grow weary.

I force myself to look at you.

Look into the eyes of my source of pain.

Your eyes do not return the gaze mine have initiated.

Yours are elsewhere, singularly focused on ceasing this moment.

Is our experience nearing its inevitable completion?

Verily I say unto thee: Aye.

It is then and only then that my trepidation dissipates.

Relief and joy have overcome my beating heart.

Dare I see you again in half a year’s time?

Verily I say unto thee: Aye.

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