One to the Heart

My levels haven’t been up to the consistency to consistently keep me with inner peace. I’m fighting demons. Some of them are mental; my own subconscious feeding me negative thoughts that prevent me from getting the calm my soul desires. I wish for this turbulence to cease. It feels like a slow roasting fire devouring all your sentiments while you gaze along incapable of rising a finger. The smell of burnt ideals still linger. The self loathing seeps in unannounced and unwanted. My soul is haunted. Ghost appear in every shadow; the prime position being in my peripheral vision. It is here where they appear so very near. I’m not sure what to do. No one is helping me in the fashion required to alleviate this awful faction and return me to a peaceful existence. Where are the other resistors for this resistance? All my thoughts are scrambled like unborn chickens. One bad thought after another is what my cerebellum is picking. It’s depressing and I know it, but this current disposition has pieces of me missing.


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