Deja Vu

Scribbles on the paper

Crumbles for the basket

Writing for the free

yet closer to the casket.

Brain lost in translation


This leads to frustration –

Typical human being.

But break only a sweat.

The beads slowly drip down

but in store is a treat

if ever my muse is found

Jot down all that comes to mind as something will come together.

Retreat back in time. Dip the ink. Then write with the feather..

It’s not over, the bulb flashes

and the spark has grown to fire

Like life brought from the ashes

Get the king&the queen. Introduce with me with the choir:

“We now present to you…”

(Yes I like the way that sounds)

“The squire has come through”

“Yes. Send him down”

I want to show how far

we’ve, no – how far I’ve come.

I’ve raised once again the bar

For fear I’ll be undone.

But I promise that you’ll be happy. I’ll make aspirations come true

I’ll start by resetting your life. What harm could that do…


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