the Bedside Turmoil

I love you.

I loathe leaving you so I refocus on good times…

I love you again.

You are comfort & I am chaos…

Some yang, some yin…

 Low tide, full moons,

selfish line: Your presence exists to comfort mine.

Admittedly, I feel the distance….

like a tingle through my spine, the instant that we disconnect, it’s so sequential, similar to a heartbeat, I start to sweat….

Yet I feel no discontent. I know our present distance is not preset. 

When conveniences collide… a course to your core is set….
The Bedside Turmoil


DS 307

Turned down in my dreams by you. I can’t comprehend it but it makes me feel silly and not sick.

I was more intrigued than anything:  You deny any advances. Despite numerous attempts, you blocked all second chances.

I am starting to think that this is part of our romance.

This dance, this ensemble that we engage in, every time we reconnect it reminds me of the days we spend, the ones we spent, discussing love, life, politics, and the abundance of ignorance.

Our conversations leave a mark on soul.

Forever stuck in my mind, we discuss change for the future being a co-inspired goal.

You forever inspire me.

H is for Happy

I cough once, twice, bust into wide-mouthed laughter; the kind that you feel deep inside your stomach.

This is good for the soul.

Can’t remember simplicity as sincere as this; unequivocal and unadulterated bliss.

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