State of the Union

1: The Fearful Moment

Visions of death marred by a hopeless reality…

The concept of a just & moral compass is a truth turned fallacy…

At some convergent point is where things in life have to coincide, balance,

but the stressors outweigh the blessings and make every smile a challenge.


This precipice is what I look for, the one I look toward,

the point I run to: Forward & onward.

2: The Rebuttal Moment

There are instances in life that touch the soul.

Others just graze the surface, as you discern this, you might learn this:

Every conflicting point in time can be a catalyst to redefine purpose.

3: The Reflective Moment

Hours seem like days to me…

I guess this is what it’s like when it’s all hazy and you can’t see straight…

So I just close my eyes…

Let my ears work for me, listen to my heart pump blood faithfully…

4: The Admittance Moment

I have awful dreams nowadays.

I have to tell myself they’re nightmares.

Filled with rage, strife, & violence, but who am I kidding: No one else cares.

Yet, I’ll elaborate, allow for grievances to dissipate, and sit this food for thought upon your oft’ empty plate…

5: The “Grim Actuality” Moment

Imagine, in such an awful fashion, that someone you thought you could believe in is the cause of this fretful faction.

We’ve began adventures, we dream’t we’d finish…

We didn’t expect outside detractors to come through and diminish.

We’ve become fractured victims, our very existences become zonal…

Renting love, renting life, but never owning…

I shed a tear: Too many lives are no longer being lived!

This is a poignant moment.


Future Intervention (revisited)

I caught myself thinking…

Locked up behind metaphorical bars; it’s of my own will.

I guess I need it.

No high or an ex pill,

but the addiction’s so strong that I always feed it.

On a day to day basis,

rinse cycle through emotions,

seeing duplicate faces,

just staying smooth like cocoa butter lotion.

I keep my thoughts to myself as I reflect and

watch the moon manipulate the ocean…

Here’s what I found out:

There’s no growth in just thinking the same old shit.

Never learning how to grow, mature, invest or replicate success;

Instead you’re showing signs that you’ve mentally digressed and forgotten all your basic principles.

You are just too damn municipal.

Mix that with a lack for the taste of greatness and you’ll forever remain faceless.

You see, there’s no facade in my mirror and you have yet to turn and face this.

The future for some is so apprehensively facetious that you may as well move back in with your parents and catch a seat up in the bleachers; your time has yet to come.

“The world is a big place.”

This is a very generic statement, but this is something you will never know if your thinking is prehistoric, cavemen.

This is the time where any new ideas will enslave men.

Take a lesson from the past, perfect a craft, and lay down pavement.

This is the age to create and mold your own traditions, but I partition;

an education is the founding station of every wise man’s ambition.

He who rules with wise mind has all the power, but the fool ingest too much;

devoid of understanding what he devoured.

For yours truly, this mentality is a necessity.

Born from a predetermined destiny that my legacy will live long even if tomorrow brings the death of the me.

These words are just one part of many, a small proportion of plenty, but if they are too much;

Dear simpleton:

Do please forgive me for my creative rationality.

I want art to live for forever!

I’m stepping up and stepping on to rise and see the new morn,

a beautiful day so pure and clean like a blanket-wrapped newborn.

Each day is a brand new opportunity for new growth, exploration, developmental tracking of maturity.

So I ask, what’s stopping you?

You have a goal; so live life & climb the totem pole,

You were hand-picked for a reason and your story has yet to be told.

Take control.

Once you’ve walked with your dreams and arm-cradled your future,

you don’t forget those who gave a hand, you turn around and you tutor.

Give control.

A man is known by his word and the qualities he strives for.

To be an exemplary example of this truth is what I strive towards.

DS 1045

Give me nothing more, nothing less than the best of you. I understand past circumstances can halt and deteriorate the progress of our romance, but if you believe in love like I do, then invest in someone with fervor: Stay forever, don’t drive through. I comprehend fear from past failures, I too have seen my honesty be misused so I respect the angst you demonstrate, but there will never be enough room for new love if you just harbor old hate. Free yourself. Love life and the randomness it brings. I said to her, “believe in love again,” and then I woke up from my dream.

Before the Eulogy

It was a Tuesday. That was the day you didn’t come back and I came after you.  We were the space between wrong and right. We were the shade of grey in the sunset seen by few eyes. Being melted into a single entity put you and I on one rhythmic accord. Of course you used to fight it and scream and complain that you’d call the cops, but I knew all along what your heart was saying. We were the blade that cut too deep. We were the deadliest piranhas. Fear was a condition others suffered. Yet, in that same microcosm, we were just a small candy. An efficiently power-punching proportioned treat that was trimmed too soon. A premature casualty….

That cliff opened its arms for us, or rather for you …. This is where we lived to come as kids. This is where you died. Remember that? Do you remember the day we found eternity? Spitefully, I choose to not remember it either. It was before N.Y., before Cairo, before Cape Town.  You said we’d die together. I remember seeing a YouTube video about how to roll out of a moving vehicle…. It worked just like they said it would. The way that car went flying over the cliff’s edge with you in it just took my breath away…..

You should have seen yourself.

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