State of the Union

1: The Fearful Moment

Visions of death marred by a hopeless reality…

The concept of a just & moral compass is a truth turned fallacy…

At some convergent point is where things in life have to coincide, balance,

but the stressors outweigh the blessings and make every smile a challenge.


This precipice is what I look for, the one I look toward,

the point I run to: Forward & onward.

2: The Rebuttal Moment

There are instances in life that touch the soul.

Others just graze the surface, as you discern this, you might learn this:

Every conflicting point in time can be a catalyst to redefine purpose.

3: The Reflective Moment

Hours seem like days to me…

I guess this is what it’s like when it’s all hazy and you can’t see straight…

So I just close my eyes…

Let my ears work for me, listen to my heart pump blood faithfully…

4: The Admittance Moment

I have awful dreams nowadays.

I have to tell myself they’re nightmares.

Filled with rage, strife, & violence, but who am I kidding: No one else cares.

Yet, I’ll elaborate, allow for grievances to dissipate, and sit this food for thought upon your oft’ empty plate…

5: The “Grim Actuality” Moment

Imagine, in such an awful fashion, that someone you thought you could believe in is the cause of this fretful faction.

We’ve began adventures, we dream’t we’d finish…

We didn’t expect outside detractors to come through and diminish.

We’ve become fractured victims, our very existences become zonal…

Renting love, renting life, but never owning…

I shed a tear: Too many lives are no longer being lived!

This is a poignant moment.


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