Point of Reflection 


Mantras of this they scream.

Never asking the right questions, but already have preconceived answers…

A game of keep-away makes getting ahead even harder than already perceived…

Trust issues!

We forgive, but never forget.

Unconsciously holding grudges, like we arise unflawed and virtuous…

Selfie, ‘nother selfie… So much going on over here!

Egos at an all-time high while failing to realize that globally what you’ve accomplished (by comparison) is equivalent to that of a fly.

Ain’t that some shit.

I’m the catch!

Come chase me like we’re playing tag!

Irrelevant relevancies are what comprise your being.

5 word conclusion: I am over all that.

For future reference, refer to aforementioned reasons.

Truth never expires, you’ve been old news for many seasons.


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