Act 2 Take 1

They say first impressions are everything, but I believe in subtlety.

Reserving my reservations because life is short, so even though we meet by chance I want you to remember me….

Out of my comfort zone, feelings of nervousness, trying to play it cooler than cool because I have been here before, but I feel the butterflies in my system.

Scrolling through my phone, looking for nothing in particular… just something to do until you appear in my peripheral…

Playful bump on my shoulder, attention getter, eyes meet & give way to a warm embrace…

From that point on I made it my purpose to keep you smiling all the while we share this space.
Many moments of getting to know someone whose spirit vibes with mine…

Feeling these sparks grow, climb, and turn to flame,
I could see you down the road taking my last name…
Preemptive, it’s a fleeting thought, but know this: I am convinced that down the road this will be the point of reflection; the point in our past where we decided to move forward in the least-often traveled direction.


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