DS 9X15: the Hamster Wheel 

Singularly focusing on the unknown is how our ambitious & lost souls roam. 

Love’s touch is eternal, but the thought of slowing down = the same response in more than one tongue: No.

No because we are forever on the go…



Loving the potential thought of it all, but personal commitments force you to withdraw.

Subservient to the irony of the Drive; continually creeping or verging on the edge, hoping to exchange madness for greatness, watching minutes move the hour hand… A micro view of life’s proverbial quicksand… Hearts distraught for naught! Faded: That hue of the real you is simply going, going, gone.

Pushing away simplicity for complexity:

Away we say! Marred in self-admiration & dedication; we tell love to comeback on another day.

Shooting star in the middle night is all you are. Chasing you on an endless loop, I reach out to grasp and hold, but fail to ever connect: I cannot reach that far.

So just go.




The Misappropriation 

Misquote these miscreants.
Show the facade of unjust retaliation, the constant fear for life that leads to taking lives constantly…

The news is a necessary nauseating nuisance that never ceases to show a nation in a state of confusion.

Practicing democracy…

Amidst this “bureaucracy”…

Justice is just this service for sale.
Happily never after fairytales are all that prevail…


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