Painting People

We are a proud people

Years progressed from the hardest of times

History glorified, often fragmented,

celebrated, but not allocated true recognition.

Made infamous for ignorance

lacking the embodiment of a true essence

Hardships fought by ancestors

but we would rather let society sequester

Education and advancement

Too enthralled with garments and dance

instead of loving each other for intelligence,

relevant viewpoints, or political stances.

Seemingly crippled by unavoidable violence

As another teen falls your senses are blinded by sirens.

Do you hear that?

The gunshots, the poverty. Do you feel that?

Senses abused and misused as I am mortified by

the scarcity of faith and hope.

Consumed by small-mindedness…

“They either ball, rap, or move that dope.”

Only a fool would ever idolize these jesters.

I am insulted.

Loathing the eyes which portray this view:

All aforementioned specimens look just like you

and I.

The voices that dare aspire to inspire

are too faint & oft times, unheard.


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