Grade School: the sLimE | rabbit hole theory

I = I

individualism dissipated…

Classified by affiliations instead of mental affirmations…

Just another day of being stereotyped.

It could all be so simple…

They are angry because they have no access to my temple, but as I combine this white paper & black pencil, I do not think twice about revealing my true feelings to these oblivious villains.

I don’t know them: no déjà vu, no vice versa…

Coincidentally; our conversations are quite curt on purpose.

Cantankerous cohort of individuals who appear all too similar, historically judgmental…

My only critique is of myself; I care about people because I was raised to be selfless, but I know me, and love me. Yet, to those who do not love themselves, I appear selfish…

So I guess it’s probably best for me to keep all of this locked up.

Omitting the obvious ostracism of a people who are predominantly victims of colorism…

I’m black, just not black enough.


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